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Thursday, March 30, 2006

So You Wanna Be A Writer

Everyone can write. Some just do it better than others.

Writing seems to be one of those things that people like to sit back and fantasize about. They like to bandy the idea about, as if merely thinking and talking about writing will get something written.

You never hear someone say, "You know, I really want to sing someday."

People who want to be musicians actively participate in that craft. If not full-time, definitely on the side - wedding singers, being a part of band that gets paid to play gigs, church choir - wherever they need to be to get their jones sated.

But many who have the urge to write, just like to announce that they have that urge.

So, for all those who think they might "have a book" in them, here are a few signs that can push you off that fence. You're definitely a writer if...

11. There are voices in your head and you're okay with that.

10. The aforementioned voices get louder and more agressive until you allow them to speak via PC or long-hand, if you're feeling a little Faulkner.

9. You've ever uttered the statement, "I don't write because I want to. I write because I have to."

8. You don't make a move without first consulting Miss Snark.
Dear Miss Snark,
Should we have macaroni and cheese or mashed potatos with our porkchops? Holla at Killer Yap for me.
Snarkaliciously yours,

7. You know the meaning of most, if not all, of the following writer's alphabet soup: ARC, WIP, SASE, MSS, REVS, CP, P&E,

6. You see no problem obsessing over finding the right agent as much as you did picking your spouse.

5. You feel the need to share every waking thought with the rest of the world via a blog, Live Journal or newsletter. 'Cause, um, if you don't write about didn't happen.

4. Sitting at a social gathering you begin to think, Damn, I could be writing.

3. You expect to be paid for your writing.

2. Someone, upon discovering you're a writer, throws out an inane, utterly ridiculous and barely sketched out thought and says, serious as a stroke, that you should write about it...and then graciously says, you can "have" the idea.

1. After reading this blog (or any) you're inspired to write about why/how it inspired you.

Happy scribing to all my fellow authors, writers, journalists and gonnabe authors, writers and journalists.

Oh yeah, another sign you're a writer - you take total creative license in making up words or turning words that have no business being verbs into one. Heh, heh!

Writers write, so get to it.


Anonymous megg said...

After reading your post, I have been number 1. My husband does number 2 all the time (please forgive me- that was an unfortunate coincidence)... And I'm not even a writer, though I do consider myself a person who writes. He is the one who fantasizes about number 3, not me. Mostly the number 11 are my own, which is why I'm so in love with number 5. It's in this world that I am number 9.

4:41 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Hmm..a person who writes versus a writer. Sounds like a whole new topic. I likey.

4:59 PM

Blogger Soulfull said...

You got me on everything but #8 and #7, LOL, but #5 describes me to a T! :)

8:27 PM


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