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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tech Daze

Hey Cliquesters!

Okay, so it's 1:55 in the morning and I'm sitting up trying to figure out how to get this blog to show up on the web page.

I've never considered myself a tech wiz, but I'm not entirely dumb either. But this thing has me stumped. I'm sure once I get it right, the same message will post over and over and over again - that's how many times I tried posting!

This is exactly why it's best to hire someone to do certain things for you. But the Super woman complex in me won't allow myself to admit that I'm clueless to what all this ASCI and Binary language crap means. :::Sigh::: I will pay for this in the morning...or should I say, later this morning when my little one rises at the crack of dawn.

Still, I'm determined to get this thing working so I can keep you posted on this wonderful journey I call getting published!

So far, being an author means lots of late nights doing re-writes when everyone else in the house is cozy in the bed; obsessing over how a line should read; getting lightening bolt ideas on dialogue and plot lines only to have them disappear the second I sit down in front of the PC...oh and now, it includes watching old episodes of Who's The Boss!!! Ugh!

Where's a good video when you need it?! There's a video on but we just switched to a new cable provider and now I have no idea where any of my favorite channels are. Grrr!

Okay - if I stay up one second longer, my head will explode...OR, I'll end up heaving the lap top out of the window.

Somehow, some way I will get this thing together and go live and we'll all sit back and have a good laugh. And anyone wanting to pass along their technical expertise, please feel free. I ain't too proud to take advice!

Bubbles (and) Gum,

Paula AKA Her Royal Cliqueness


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