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Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm here!!!

It's up! It's up! The blog is up!!!! Yea!!!!!

See, I told you'd I'd get it up. Well, tech support got it up, if you want to get all specific on me. BUT - I was only one or two slashes and dots away from having the correct path set. So, had I stayed up one more night until 2 a.m., I would have gotten it!

Well now that I'm here it's time to get down to business. My book, Don't Get It Twisted, is due to be published in May and I am juggling a millions things - okay, only half a million - trying to get the re-writes completely and thoroughly finished, the website up, and designing tee shirts.

Why, you're asking, am I designing tees? Because these ideas pop in my head and I've discovered that if I don't act on them they keep me up at night. Not like I'm not already up, because I have an eight month old who insists on being a tosser-tuner!

But I guarantee you'll love the tees (I do!). They're just the type of tee shirts the girls from the Del Rio Bay Clique would wear.

Now, in case you haven't figured it out yet, my book is for girls - definite teen chick lit. I mean, a guy could read them to get some really good scoop on how neurotic they make us...but, I think guys already know that. It's what they live for, I'm thinking.

I think you'll come to love the characters from The DRB as much as I do. So, keep checking me out here. One day (soon?)the site will be up and jumping and the book will be on the shelves ready for your reading pleasure. Until then...

Cheers (and) Chants,

Paula AKA Her Royal Cliqueness

P.S. On Monday, I'll be sharing my wisdom on the world of writing with the students at Thomas Pullen Arts Focus School in Landover, MD. Want me to speak at your middle or high school? Hit me up at


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