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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

YA Authors Rock!

I went to the book signing for Diana Peterfreund's, Secret Society Girl, tonight. Nevermind that it was hot as Hades today. Or that today was my cheer squad's annual pool party (and I only got to stay for thirty minutes). Or that the prospect of running into traffic on the beltway is a given on almost any day, any time. Or, that by the time I got up to White Flint, a storm was a' brewing.

I was determined to attend this signing.


Because the YA author community is among one of the most supportive I've ever been a part and this time I wanted to show some love back.

I couldn't make it to the Hopkins Lit Fair in the fall to see my girl, Kelly Starling Lyons, because Princess A was getting micros that day.

And it's always going to be something. So today I pushed through it all and dove in, hoping it will make it that much easier next time.

I've met some really great authors, mostly women, over the last year since venturing into the Yahoo Teen Chick Lit Loop and Verla Kay's. Some of these women have book deals so sweet, it would make your toes curl. I'm saying, they make getting a book deal look easy - when most of us know, it ain't so.

When you see it done all around you, you feel like, "Yeah, maybe I can do this." And then you look up and you are doing it.

But it's the sharing that gets me every time. No matter how many times a fellow YA author shares their experiences, contacts, or a few pints of cyber chunky monkey in the wake of another's rejection, I'm in awe.

We don't have to share. We can be selfish if we want.

I mean, we write our books alone. Why bother to help out another?

But the YA community just isn't built like that.

It's wonderfully open and gregariously girly when it embraces newcomers (sorry fella's - I know you're out there too.)

So, nothing was going to keep me from Diana's signing. And I'm so glad it didn't.

She had a great crowd at the White Flint Borders Books & Music.

I marveled at the people who, while waiting for her to sign, started reading the book as if they literally couldn't wait to get home.

Diana was all smiles, warm and inviting. That's her waving to my mom, who I dragged along as my camera lady. Actually, she's also a total author groupie like me...where do ya' think I got it from? (Yeah, yeah the pix is blurred. Mom was also pulling double duty keeping an eye on Princess Bea.)

And there we are again...boy, am I really that short? Darn red carpet paparazzi...I thought they were supposed to call our names so we'd know which way to look.

Diana and I were meeting, in person, for the first time tonight. But you would never know it. She promoted my book as she introduced me to a few of her friends and family. So much so, the woman behind me in line asked me write down my name and book title so she'd remember in March.

Now see what I mean?

I come out to show Diana some love and she ends up showing it back, already.

Shoot, I forgot to slip her that $20 on my way out. Ha,ha!


Anonymous The Hive Mind said...

That's cool that she promoted your book, too. I'm sure you greatly appreciated that.

Funny enough, but when I use to work in a bookstore during college, we had a couple of author book signings. I didn't know who the authors were, but I never took the time to sit down and talk with them about their career. Of course, my employer kept so busy that I didn't have breaks so couldn't talk casually to the authors.

12:25 AM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

I definitely appreciated Diana's mentioning my book, especially since this night was supposed to be 100% all about her and Secret Society Girl.

Word-of-mouth is pretty powerful when it comes to getting exposure. Especially among avid readers. They're more likely to have their memory jogged when they finally see your book. Hopefully that would equal a sale.

The prospect of a book signing is overwhelming. Sitting behind that table alone waiting for someone to care enough to purchase the book and/or approach you.

But Diana's signing was full and busy. Despite her joke that she made everyone she knew come - there were obviously plenty of people there who were perfect strangers drawn to her and the book.

That gave me hope.

9:16 AM


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