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Friday, November 17, 2006

That's That

Okay, for real, I didn't much like Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly's new joint, "That's That," until I realized that's what they were saying in the hook.

Yeah, I'm weird like that.

But that's that is sort of how I've been feeling lately.

So many things I can't control, ya know?

My eddy at Kensington left and I'm left with the nagging questions of how well my books will fare under my new editor who has now not only inherited DRAMA and TWISTED but a few dozen other writers, I'm assuming. But my original uber editor has moved on so...

That's that.

I was working my buns off to get the first draft of TWISTED to my new editor. But the deadline for it coincided with a deadline to get proofs of DRAMA back to my pub, preparation for my squad's second competition and last minute prep for a leadership day that I'm the chairperson. So I missed the deadline for TWISTED. That sucks cause it's not the best impression to make on my new eddy. But...

That's that.

After missing the deadline, I went through some serious issues where the text was not flowing. It's worst than a brain stutter. At least with a stutter you've got the basic idea down, you're just unable to finish it. No, this was more like my brain had gone on strike. I lost at least a week from this creative paralysis. Frustrating, but...

That's that.

Thanksgiving is practically here. But I'm heading to NYC to meet with the new publishing fam. So preparing to bake sweet potato pie, stuff turkey's and make my own stuffing while also creating a mega document that outlines potential promotional avenues for DRAMA isn't working too well. Turkey day has taken a back seat. You know?

That's that.

I don't have one single complaint about life as a writer (well, except it has to co-exist with my life as a PR chick instead of on its own). But some days, the duality of being a writer and a marketer are overwhelming to say the least.

For now, I plan to enjoy my few days in the big Red meeting my lovely new eddy, have a relaxing week off from the FTJ, eat as much sweet potato pie as I can get down my guzzle, let the Princesses drive me crazy with their bickering (i.e. too much together time with school being out), and be the insanely multi-tasking whirlwind I was obviously meant to be because...

That's that!


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