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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thirteen Thursday: Edition Quatre

I'm on a double deadline to get the first draft of TWISTED to my editor as well as an approved proof of DRAMA. The creativity required to write a witty and interesting blog entry has escaped me this week. But, Thursday Thirteen I can handle...

Thirteen Things I've Taken for Granted...And One Thing I Haven't

1. Four years of Fall foilage in the Shenandoah Valley. If you've never seen the orange, yellow and reds of the Virginia mountains you don't know autumn.

2. Pledging one of the most prestigious service organizations as a frosh. It's always great when you're young and dumb because you don't always understand that some of the things you do are a privilege and not a right.

3. My metabolism of just one year ago.

4. That feeling you have when you first fall in love. What is it about that euphoric state that's so hard to re-capture? Not saying comfortable love isn't cool. But if someone could bottle the first pangs of love...that would be some serious mojo.

5. Late night runs to Denny's with the Hubster pre Princesses. I no longer understand the phrase "pick up and go." It's more like: Pick up, carry an extra Pull-up for Princess Bea, make sure I balance the check book before we go out spending, check Princess A's calendar to avoid double booking, check to make sure we have a stroller, oops did I bring the right purse...and...GO.

6. Living in a community far away from a busy, major road. Just how much money do you have to spend to live somewhere unassaulted by commercial zoning?

7. Having no street lights in front of my home. Those sleep blinders stopped looking silly to me six years ago. Why I haven't invested in a pair is beyond me.

8. The ability to say that all of my closest friends were just a phone call or email away. R.I.P. Big Ed.

9. Having someone else solve my problems for me. Man, to be a kid again and have my parents do the heavy lifting.

10. The four-hour day. Classes 8 a.m. to noon, lunch at PC Dukes and nap time in front of the Oprah show. Those were the days.

11. Sundays before the end of the Blue laws. Okay, so you'd get hella bored. But I still miss 'em.

12. The television sitcom. Reality TV can be entertaining, but I'll take a hilarious sitcom any day. 30 Rock is shaping up to be very funny.

13. The purity of mountain air. I was just down in the 'Burg and the air was as crisp and clean as I've ever smelled it. The thought of buying a house and doing all of my writing in the mountains is so on my mind, right now.

One thing I haven't taken for granted...

My blessings, which include a supportive, loving family and a successful career. Sure, sometimes I wanna run into the night screaming from one or both, but life without them...not an option.

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