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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sucksville, Population: Me

My agent called with some not so good news today. Not of the manuscript rejection variety but not so good news that can negatively impact my immediate future.

Not so good news that makes me realize how little control writers have over the publishing process.

These kind of things can't be helped or avoided. It's part of the business.

The only good is that I have an agent that can guide me through.

But the situation reinforces:

* Being shy about promoting and marketing your book is walking the line of career suicide. Yes, I realize how strong a reference that is. But too much can happen during a book's journey from concept to book store, if you're not going to be your book's most vocal champion don't expect anyone else to be.

* You can do everything "right" as a writer: get a good agent, stay active in the process, educate yourself about publishing and promotion, make your story tight, etc...and still, shit happens.

* Worrying about the shit that can inevitably happen is counterproductive.

* A good agent is priceless. For those who are skeptical of an agent solely because they don't like the idea of parting with 15% forever and ever amen, find another reason. Good agents earn that 15% plus some.

Later (tomorrow, next week, two months from now...who knows)I'll look back on today as another footnote in the chapter of my debut. Today, I've got a pity party to own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry to read this, but fingers crossed and with agent input I hope everything not only improves but actually works out better for you.

7:53 PM


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