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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Twisted Sister

Okay, how many people thought this post referred to my mental state?

Well, you'd be...wrong! I'm talking about the sister to So Not The Drama, Don't Get it Twisted.

Now that my eddy has said the first two chapters are aiight, I need to ::gulp:: finish the rest. So, after a few weeks of shushing them, I'm letting the voices in my head speak freely. Letting my mind wander as I drive (on the whole, I don't recommend this). In other words, I'm preparing for a freefall back into the world of Del Rio Bay.

Have I ever said before that each time I sit down to write, it's like the first time? Because it is. It so is.

When I discovered, what I'll call Blank Page Syndrome (BPS), it dismayed me. I thought once I'd tapped into my creative senses they'd remain on a steady boil at my beck and call whenever I needed a steaming cup of inspiration.

Come to find Wish they'd told me that in the brochure on "Becoming a Writer." I might have reconsidered and tried out for American Idol instead. Well, except I can't sing.

Now, when I'm tasked with a new book - or in the case of TWISTED - major story overhaul of Mina's plot points, I'm finding myself having to literally talk myself back into the world of my characters. It is NOT as easy as just sitting down and writing.

Oh, wait, correction. It is that easy if I'm okay with writing crap!

But since Kensington is not likely to be intersted in a bunch of wandering drivel, my mind needs to be in a certain place to write well.

I know. I know. You're thinking, stop yer whining P. It's not like the pages are totally blank. You have a full mss to go off of.

And that's true.

But once upon a time, not so long ago, I was afraid I wouldn't sell what I wrote. Now, I'm afraid I can't write what they've bought.


On second thought, Twisted Sister does describe my mental state. Pardon me, while I go insane.


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