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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why Girlfriends Rock

Today is the first day of school.

Can I get a Yaaay!?

But this post isn't about why it's so nice to get the kiddies back inside the halls of wisdom. It's about friendship.

I myself, am a friend fanatic. It's probably fallout from being an only child.

Over the years, I've made some great friends. And I continue to meet and grow close to those I've met through my writing.

But it's even more fun to watch Princess A develop friendships. She's a 'tween and friendships are always so life and death at that age. You either really heart someone or really hate them. And that can change daily. Still, she has a solid group of girlfriends.

This morning, two of them came to pick her up, so they could all walk to the bus stop together. They shared an exchange that reminded me why it's such a cool thing to have girlfriends:

* Your self-esteem needs a cheering section.

Princess A had an involuntary hair cut yesterday. Her hair was breaking and damaged in the back, so it's way shorter than she'd ever willingly go. But it's cute on her. I've told her so, the King has told her and so had grandma. But what do we know? We're just parents.

Well, when the new 'do made it's debut, her two girlfriends went:

"GASP! Your hair."

Princess A: I know. It's so short.

Girlfriend 1: But, girl, you are rocking it!

Girlfriend 2: My hair is really short too without my braids. I had to get it cut because the ends were split.

I was in awe that at age 11 and 12 they already know the girlfriend code - always cheer on a fellow sister when she's doubting her image/self-worth/abilities.

* Having your girls, by your side, makes just about any situation bare-able

The Princess hasn't been looking forward to school. By middle school you're painfully aware how short summer really is AND just how badly you need the downtime. Even for the social outlet school provides, you're not really hot to get back.

But, when I announced that her two friends were en route to the house, she immediately perked up. You could see her attitude change from begrudging to "hot damn!"

* When you're around your girls, the rat race of popularity and being cool ceases to exist

It was almost like they had an invisible bubble surrounding them, this morning. I could see how comfortable just being with one another made them. If they had any anxieties about starting a new year, being the middle child of school (7th graders) or whether they had chosen the proper outfit - the mere presence of their clique squashed them.

* You never have to explain yourself

When it's someone that's truly your girl, things like your mom popping into your room in pajamas singing "Good morning, girls. Ready for school?" does not faze you. Because, you know your girls understand that when they've made the choice to love you - they love all of you, wacky parents, new 'do, weird quirks and all.


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