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Friday, August 25, 2006


I can't believe it. My book is nearing BLURB stage.

I write it in caps because it feels like a word you should say really loud, like OMG and LOL. Some words deserve caps.

I know all of you writers know what a BLURB is. But for those scratching your head, thinking maybe I'm off my meds, BLURBS are those quotes on an author's book from other authors much more famous than the author who wrote the book.

BLURBS usually say really nice things like "I laughed until I wet my pants. How did we survive without Author, Shining Star?"

I have no idea if having a BLURB pushes more units or not.

I think they can. I've picked up a few horror books because Stephen King blurbed them. I mean, if Stephen King says that another horror writer scared the hell out of him, the ish must be scary! And P loves a good horror novel.

Still, I doubt there's any scientific formula to gauge just how many more books you'll sell because Famous Author A, B or C BLURBS it. But man are they cool.

All writers are author groupies to a certain degree, and having an author who has actually reached some degree of status in the publishing world say nice things about your book puts you one degree separated from them.

It's like meeting someone over the internet, talking to them regularly and suddenly referring to them as your "friend" or saying you "know" them. You may have never met them in person - but your feelings toward them are genuine.

Well, if Famous Author A,B or C says something nice about your book, they're saying something nice about you. I assume that means, should you happen to be in the same vicinity as Famous Author A,B or C, they wouldn't call the cops on the creepy little woman making goo-goo eyes at them from across the room.

They'd be relieved when you went to intro youself and say, "Hey, I'm Author, Shining Star, you liked my book."

Another reason BLURB stage is exciting? It means galleys will soon be available for DRAMA, pushing my baby girl one step closer to being on the shelves.

Okay, but here's the scary thing about BLURBS: someone other than the people who love the book (my eddy and agent) has to read it.

Well, of course they do, P, you're saying.

But think about it - someone who has absolutely no vested interest in whether my book sells or not must read it and ::gulp:: give it the ol' Ebert & Roper thumbs up or down. That is scary!

Has a book ever reached BLURB stage and Famous Author A, B, or C sent the book back to a writer's agent stamped BURN THIS, IMMEDIATELY?

Meh, if you have a good enough publicist they can take that and make it sound good. Imagine this on the cover of the book:

"Judy Blume says Author, Shining Star's book is so hot it'll burst into flames after you read it."

Okay, so the publicist would have to take a little creative liberty. But when you're hot, you're hot. haha!!


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