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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Un-stuck in the office

It's a beautiful day!

So pretty and autumnal that it's hard to complain about being stuck in the office.

I have writing to do...technically, as a writer, shouldn't I always have writing to do? Me thinks so. Writing should be the norm, not just an extra "to do" on my list. But I'm not yet used to being an honest to God author - one who writes to feed ones-self.

The day is begging for me to sit outside and ponder. But pondering sometimes leads to relaxation and that, in turn, may result in a mid-morning nap.

Instead, I took the Princesses on a brisk walk (exercise, yay!)and can now officially squash any guilt I may feel later on for not enjoying the weather.

The windows in my office are open and a light breeze buzzes me every few minutes. If not for the lovely noise of blaring construction (friggin' overdevelopment!) I might label this a perfect Saturday morning.

I should be bummed that I'm not out doing something more exciting. But I'm not. Today I'm genuinely thrilled to be un-stuck in the office.

I call it un-stuck, because I could easily blow off writing, today. No one's forcing me. My eddy's on vacation (sipping a tall, cool one for me, I hope) and the only person who will suffer if I decide not to dedicate a few hours to my craft, is me.

But I love writing and I have two books under contract.

What's to complain about?

On the other hand, if my full-time gig required me to come in today I'd be kicking and screaming the entire way. Spouting expletives about the unfairness of life and lack of employee rights.

Such antics are prone to arise when one only works a job because the prospect of foreclosure is somehow not sexy to them.

Luckily, that is not the case today. It's cool, sunny and I'm happily un-stuck in the office hanging out with the Del Rio Bay clique.

This, is P stopping to smell the roses.



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