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Monday, August 28, 2006

All in the family

The first two years, after jumping back into writing, I pretty much went it without joining any writer's groups. I wasn't being anti-social. I was simply hyper-focused on pitching editors with freelance ideas and then the novel came about.

But once I ventured out, I discovered quickly how supportive the YA community is. I'm sure adult writers are supportive as well. But YA authors are almost Stepford wife-like in their enthusiasm to embrace other writers.

And I love it. The friendliness forces you to come up for air from your latest project; to emerge from your office, shed your pajamas and throw on real clothes and use very non-YA language.

Maybe the reason YA authors are especially warm is because we have to grin and bear innocent comments from people who think writing YA or children's book is a good "start," to a writing career. As if we do so, solely as a step toward breaking into adult fiction.

Also, maybe what bonds us is that on average (okay, now I said on average) we're not paid as handsomely as adult fiction writers out of the gate. There are plenty of exceptions to this rule. I even know some of them. Nonetheless, we're not making as much scrilla as first timers.

Could be that we're so in tune to our inner-child/teen that no one else knows how to communicate with us but us.

No idea.

But, when a community shows you love, you're inclined to show it back. So the Clique Lounge page of my website will be dedicated to featuring YA authors that I've met along the way (and a few I haven't).

Hopefully, it'll shine some publicity their way. But mostly, I just like hanging out with other YA authors. And the Clique Lounge is a fun way to do that, while also showing another side to the author. Because in the lounge, we're never serious. So, no adult questions allowed. It's all about kicking it.

Don't ask me how I've decided who to feature. The only two "rules," if you can call them that, are they're authors I've met (in person or online) and books I've read.

Other not-so definitive rules are - When I have time to make up new questions, when the author I've chosen has time to answer them, when I've read a good book and think the author would be interesting...who knows. Whatever tickles my fancy.

I just hope people enjoy the TQTR (Ten Questions That Rock).

First up, Lauren Barnholdt, author of Reality Chick.


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