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Sunday, August 27, 2006

In, Carbs, I Trust

Okay, so I might make some enemies over this post. But I don't believe in a carb-less diet.

I love Carbs! They're good and that's that.

Put me on a carb-less diet and I'll show you one angry, sistah ready to rip someone's head off.

People who are willing to strip carbs from their daily diet are in a cult. Run as far away from them as possible.

You've been warned!

However, although I look upon the Atkins diet and anything like it with an evil eye, I am willing to make peace with reducing the amount of carbs in a diet.

I don't need a lecture about carbs. I know all about them. I know what havoc they wreak when you're trying to lose weight (boy, do I know). But I also know that if given a choice between a big ol' pot of baked macaroni and cheese and a thick juicy steak, I'd choose the mac, everytime!

And I LOVE steak!!!

Carbs are just so addicting.

But I'm nothing if not a reasonable person (okay, no laughing out there). And recently, I've attempted to REDUCE some of my carb intake, in an effort to drop some lbs. Granted, my reduction in carbs and the average person's reduction in carbs is probably very different.

Still, yesterday, I had a grilled pork chop and a side of brocolli for dinner. Believe it or not, no potatoes, rice, or pasta AND no bread.

I thought it would kill me to not have something starchy. But I was really okay with it. Most importantly, I left the table feeling full and satisfied.

In the past, when I've tried to cut down on carbs I've still felt hungry after a carb-less meal.

Oh, and last Saturday, when we went and got McDonald's for Princess Bea I passed on french fries. Trust, these are huge steps for me.

When the no-carb craze was out of control, I laughed in the face of that dietary fad as I scarfed down a small loaf of warm bread over dinner.

The truth is, I've always seen the benefit in carb moderation. But the no-carb thing was such a huge, intrusive, blatant fad that I went out of my way to distance myself from it.

Now, the fury has died and I'm able to admit that I can give up a few carbs each week. But, know this, on the day I'm allowing myself to indulge never go for the last warm roll over me. I'll have to cut ya.


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