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Friday, August 25, 2006

I've decided to cheat

Kids, do not try this at home. Leave cheating to the professionals.

I know the saying goes, cheaters never win. But I believe I'll be the exception to that rule.

For the sake of my sanity and in the name of time management, I have decided that I will have to cross-post between my two blogs, Myspace and my LJ. Yes, that's cheating, because, each outlet has a different audience. And my goal should be to develop original content across the board for each of those audiences.

But alas, I am only human!

The way I calculated it, if I were to develop original content for all four sites, my day would look something like:

7 a.m. Rise and greet my day - "Hello, world"

7:15 Blog about my late-night edits on Paula's Jort

7:30 Brush teeth etc... so as not to offend

7:45 Blog about new Danity Kane CD on Paula's JORT Too (I know you're loving it Britt, but ah...yeah, I'm not)

8:00 Forgot I had kids to get ready for school, immediately wake them up and rush Princess A out the door...crap, she's missed the bus. Make her dress little sister while I get dressed and then drop her off to school on my way to work

8:30 Drop Princess Bea off to daycare

8:35 Think about what to blog for Myspace

8:50 Arrive to work, make small talk

9:00 Blog about how weird it is that your hands prune under water and somehow connect this to promoting the book

9:20 Oh right, I'm at work! Get to work!!!

10 - 4:15 In between working, obsess over what next blog entries will be

4:30 Leave office and ponder blog entries more...half way home, remember that I have books to write and switch gears to character development

5:00 Arrive home, kiss hubby and kids, sit for two seconds then either A) start dinner or B) Head to cheer practice

8:00 Shower

8:15 Watch some TV. Some people have Miller Time, P has TV Time

9:00 Shoo the kids off to bed (now that I can do ON TIME)

10:00 Shoo hubby off to bed

10:15 Go into office, make loud declarations about how it's so nice that everyone else can sleep while I still have work to do

10:30 Pretend to do book edits while reading my fave blogs

11:00 Book edits/creation/tweaks

1:00 Not tired but figure if I don't sleep now, I never will

1:15 Tell my brain to shut up as it continues to think about book edits

1:30 Drifting off then suddenly have great idea for tomorrow's blog entry, run to office, write it down then drag self back to bed

SLEEP, Wake up, start over!!!!

Okay, so now, if I cross-post between the blogs, I can get Princess A off to school in time AND think about pop culture junk on my way to work. See, that saves me a whole 50 minutes.

I should teach a class in time management. I've got this stuff down pat!


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