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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Girls Fo' Lyfe

I've been fortunate enough to make a lot of great friends over the years. And while the definition of friend varies widely depending on who you're talking to - for me, my friends are the ones who know me inside out and love me anyway.

Sure, I never call them (yah know how I do).

I allow my life to get in the way of doing girls weekends and Happy Hours (there's the matter of those pesky novels that need to be written and of course, cheerleading 9 mo. out of the year).

And, though I remember the month and usually the general time of month of birthdays...I can't always be counted on to remember the actual day. Thank God for Happy Belated e-cards.

Yet these women continue to show me love.

No matter how much of a Grup I believe myself to be, the fact is we're getting older. Getting together more for kids recitals than flaming Mojitos and turning into our own parents as we say the words to each others' kids that we always hated hearing, "Lord, the last time I saw you, you were this high." Cause, you know, that never gets old.

It's cool growing old with people who you don't have to explain your quirks to (like my whole pen monogamy thing. Don't ask!)

Even though they say never thank people individually, because you're bound to leave someone out - sometimes you just have to shine the light on those in your heart - even if you haven't seen them in a hot minute.

The truth is, I have LOTS of friends. But these ladies are my girls. And once you're my girl, you're my girl fo' life!

Mad love to:
this isn't a ranking, this is the order I met them

*Karen & Steph (the fam)

*Trinita (literally back to diapers)

*Evette (the B-Dub crew)

*Nicki (Two Plus Too)

*Denise (down-ass roomie)

*Karen & Trinette (My Wine-Price Posse)

*Leia (my front!)

*Dawn (my back...well, when Lisa and Wendy weren't there!)

*Mary (blew the Falcon Crest coop together)

*Michaelle (blowin' up Hornets, now!)

*Danielle (more Hornets love)


Blogger Don Tate II said...

I've never figured out how women are able to find and keep so many friends. My wife has about 30 (literally) close friends, and the list keeps growing. She had 9 bridesmaids at our wedding only because I demanded that she cut her list down from 19, but even at 19, she felt bad because she was leaving some of her closest friends. I had to use brothers, distant cousins, and even borrow a few guys from her family to get 9 groomsmen.

11:23 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

We're natural nurturers. So even though I'm the notorious MIA friend all the time, my girls still put in that time to make sure we get talk time. So it makes it easier to stay friends.

And above all they don't try to pressure me to call or nag about why I haven't called. The ones that do weren't on that list!

Guys are so much more casual about keeping in touch by any means necessary. Look up and it's been like a million years since u heard from a person and worse, not sure how to reach them.

I had to use brothers, distant cousins, and even borrow a few guys from her family to get 9 groomsmen.

My husband was the same way. I had 10 bridesmaids.

6:38 AM

Blogger writeaway said...

I'm more the opposite. I don't have many girlfriends but wish I did. My best-est girlfriend and I used to do everything together. Clubbin, sit around watching tv, everything. Then I moved out of the country but thanks to IM we still talk like we're right around the corner. I am always jealous of all those women that have girlz like that.(Okay, now I'm sad.)

10:18 AM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

I know it's not nearly the same...but having sisters in spirit - those of us sharing our common bond as authors, goes a long way sometimes.

1:01 PM

Blogger writeaway said...

You're right. Since I've joined some writer's groups, I feel like I've met some "girlfriends" who share my pain along with my happiness.

9:00 PM


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