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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Whup That Trick!

Remember, this, there are only two constants in life:

1. Change is inevitable

2. It's never TOO early to start talking smack when University of Miami (The U) and Florida State University are involved.

I am a rabid Miami fan. My husband is a die-hard FSU fan.

Yes, it makes for interesting times in the Hyman household. And this weekend will be more interesting than most, because the annual 'Canes vs. 'Noles football game is played on Labor Day.

Rivalries are what makes college sports (heck, any sport) more fun. And The U/FSU rivalry is college football's most fierce. In the face of this matchup, there may as well be no other games this least none that matters!

This is THE game.

The only thing I hate is how early it's played.

The game used to be mid-season, when a win or loss really impacted our standings in the BCS (that's Bowl Championship Series, for those of you whose eyes glaze over at the mention of sports).

Now, no matter who loses, both teams have plenty of time to make up for it and secure a bid to a Bowl - Fiesta, Sugar, Rose etc...

But the 'Canes/'Noles games is not about BCS standings or glory. It's about pride!

We're coming off a loss. So, pardon my french, but our balls are against the wall this year. Miami has gotta win!

In a wack twist of fate, Miami lost last season's game because of a field goal.

Why a twist of fate? Historically, the botched field goals are FSU's department, having lost to Miami FIVE times because of a field goal kicked Wide Right or Wide Left.

So my boys from The U need to whup that azz this season!

In honor of the game, I've ordered this...


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