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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Amazon, my Amazon

Guess what?!

SO NOT THE DRAMA is available for pre-order on Amazon. Do you know what this means? Yes, yes, it means you can BUY SO NOT THE DRAMA today! And yes, it means that March is nearing.

But what it really means is...I'm now able to obsess over something new: my Amazon ranking!!

Who cares if the ranking is hard to understand? That it makes no sense since it ebbs and flows whether you have a single sale or a thousand?

DRAMA has taken yet another step on its way to bookstores and I can add one more thing to the list of things I can check, worry about or otherwise waste time over instead of writing. Oops, did I say that out-loud?

Shout-out to Laurel for the Amazon link sighting! Good looking out, girl.


Blogger Varian Johnson said...

Congrats. Have you started doing web searches for your name yet?

1:36 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

I did it once after my website went live - just to see where the URL would fall in the search. But haven't gotten around to full-scale stalking yet.

1:46 PM


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