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Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's my party...and I'll read if I want to!

Today's my birthday.

Please, no need to fawn over me. I'm a Virgo. We're mild mannered celebrants, who neither demand or even much like for people to make over our birthdays. Seriously. I know quite a few Virgos of the same mind.

We're not like a certain zodiac sign, which shall remain nameless, who will announce to the heavens, "My birthday's coming! Everyone stop and pay homage to me." To which, you'll look at the calendar like, "Dude, it's still two months away."

On my birthday, all I've ever wanted (and asked for) is peace, quiet and alone time. Oh and a delish cut of an expensive steak accompanied by copious amounts of fermented grapes.

Upon reflection, the request for peace and quiet, may stem more from me being a lonely only than a Virgo. Nonetheless, I rarely get said time alone and figure my birthday is the perfect time to demand it. At least it's the only time I may actually get it.

So, in honor of the P'sters bon anniversaire, I went out and purchased three books. The Ruins by Scott Smith, Queen of Cool by Cecil Castellucci and Adios to my old life by Caridad Ferrar. The original plan involved purchasing four books. But Ally Carter's book, I'd Tell You I love You...wasn't in stock (go Ally!).

As Ernesto knocks down my door (well he's come and gone now), I plan to cuddle with my books and read myself into a cocoon of make-believe.

It may seem like a pretty boring way to spend a birthday, to some. For me, it's bliss.

I'm chomping at the bit to read The Ruins. And once I crack that baby open, all bets are off. I may not come up for air until I finish.

Hmm...pretty cool way to lose weight, come to think of it. A 48-hour reading fast.

A fast that actually cannot begin until after my very expensive steak dinner.

Happy birthday, to me!


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