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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Horror wha?

You know the old joke - the reason black people aren't in horror movies is because we never stop to check out "what was that?" if we hear a loud noise or ask, "dude, who is that?" when we see a stranger chasing us with an axe.

Basically, the movie would be over in like ten minutes because all that "investigating" would not occur!

The sterotype is funny (well, to me) because, there's a little truth in it.

Seriously, as a kid (and my daughter's friends are the same way) in my nabe, if someone started running you started running too. You didn't stop to ask what you were running from until you were out of breath and a safe distance away from the supposed danger.

Yet, if I were around a group of mostly white friends and the exact same thing happened, I'd be half way down the street after the first person started running while the rest of my friends were standing there kibbitzing about "what's wrong? what is it?"

But, all good sterotypes must come to an end (some we wish would end sooner than others). And as life would have it, color lines are blurring all over the place as pop culture brings the generations and races together. Yay!

I've been invited to screen Holla, an urban horror film. It hits theatres December 1st.

The trailer is campy. But um...aren't most horror movies?

I'm psyched for this. Because, truthfully, what will be more fun than watching the filmmaker turn the stereotype of how black people react to danger around, play with it, exxagerate it and poke fun at it?

And just so you know, to this day, if you start running I'm right on your heels. We can talk about why you're running later!


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