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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

CONTEST: School's In...let the DRAMA begin!

P has shared her inner most secrets, desires and random thoughts all over the 'net.

Now, it's your turn!

Were you dumped? Did a teacher embarrass you? Were you benched right before an important game because of grades? Whatever it was, let me (and my blog readers) in on your drama.

If school is good for nothing (besides education) it's good for juicy drama-bits. Well, share. Share!

Whenever you see a Paula's Jort TOO or P's Myspace blog post titled:

CONTEST: School's In...let the drama begin!

post your most drama-filled school story in the comment section of the blog. My fave story will be that week's winner!

A few minor details, or as some call them, contest rules:

* It has to be true! It's the honor system, so I'm trusting you'll feed me your best REAL-life drama stories.

*Keep your story to 250 words or less.

*The contest will run more than once. So, remember, anytime you see the blog post CONTEST: School's In...let the drama begin!, share your drama in the comments section of that post.

*Enter as many drama stories as you want...I might take pity on you and choose you as winner just 'cause you have the most drama in your life.

*If you post as anonymous, put some sort of name at the end of your comment. That way if you win, I can call you out for you to send me your email addy.

It's a contest, so of course there are prizes!


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