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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Still hot for DRAMA

There was a point where the love affair was over. Where reading another version of So Not The Drama was unbearable.

At one point, I wondered how I'd muddle through school visits or author panels and still talk about the book as if I loved it.

How can you do that when you're so over something?

But reading through the copy edited version of DRAMA, I realize I still love this story and this book very much.

I know I'm supposed to be paying attention to the editing marks and keeping an eye out for any typos/errors - as if I could catch something the CE didn't. So far the edits are thorough - but I find myself getting caught up in the story.

It's not vanity or any delusions that I'm the greatest writer since...well, fill-in-the-blank. I just really like this story.

Now that the major edits are over and I'm able to read it without fear of running into one of my editor's commands to "STOP! doing that," I'm enjoying what DRAMA has become.

It's funny to see its growth.

It's not perfect. Nothing as subjective as writing ever could be, in my opionin. Yet, this last and final version is so different from its first or even its tenth.

Knowing where it came from, I'm pleased with where the characters are going and what they're saying. Even more fulfilling, seeing how my editor's insight helped enhance the direction and the characters' personalities.

On one hand, I'm shy about admitting so publicly how in love I am with the story. Inevitiably, there are going to be critics. They may look at this blog entry and think me foolish for loving this or that about the book.

Maybe I am.

Then again, what person in love isn't a fool?


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