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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wanna Make Something of It?

Alright look, I love Jesse McCartney's new single, Right where you want me.

I liked it immediately the first time I heard it, a few weeks ago. As I was nodding my head to it, I said to Princess A, "Who is that? Aaron Carter?"

Princess A: (obligatory roll of the eyes): Jesse McCartney, ma.

ME: Whatever. They're the same to me.

Princess A: (sucking her teeth): Oh my God, Aaron Carter hasn't had a song in so long.

Keeping in mind that in an 11 year-old's mind, "so long" could be six months, I let the convo go.

Aaron, Jesse, whatever, I love this joint!

The accoustic guitar and pop-y vocals have me dancing and singing along like no one's looking. And you know you really like a song when you don't mind shouting into your air mic in front of people.

The reason the blog title is so defensive is because I could get my Music Lover card stripped for this. People are hard on pop music. Be it pop rock, pop hip hop or pop R&B, some people hate the very existence of pop because its mass production goes against music purists' vision of "real" music.

But pop exists in every genre. It ain't going nowhere!

I like pop music.

What of it?

I like all genres of music, as my Totally iPodable list shows.

I don't bother to understand why I like a song. When it touches me, I just go with it. Chalk it up to growing up on MTV circa 1983 when all the channel showed were rock vids and eventually pop videos.

Hip Hop didn't make its debut on MTV until my senior year in high school. By then I already had a soft spot in my heart for pop music.

I mean, it's music. If it moves your butt, makes you tap your foot, or has you belting out the hook even though you know your voice sends the neighborhood dogs into a frenzy - then it's good music to YOU.

And yes, there are some songs I'm hard on. I'm not a fan of anything by Ashanti. Ashanti fans, don't bother to defend her. My mind's made up.

Her voice is thin and she has no real identity. Some songs she looks and sounds like Aaliyah. Some it's Alicia Keys. Some it's Beyonce. Find a style and go with it, for crimminisakes!

Oh and she's dating my boy, Nelly. Yes, I'm hatin'!

Still, for the most part, I'm from the live and let live school.

I stay away from music I don't like and keep the ones I do on crazy repeat mode on the iPod.

Anyone else wanna admit they love the delicious taste of a little bubble gum pop?


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