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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hip Lit Hooray!

I promised it and now I'm ready to bring it. If my agent, Jennifer Carlson, has anything to do with it, Hip Lit, my own funky take on teen chick lit, will soon be at a bookstore near you.

No, not tomorrow! But soon...I hope! Right Jen?

J.C. will be shopping "So Not The Drama" to publishers this autumn, and I think the last time I was this excited it involved the birth of one of my kids. It's truly an incredible feeling when a project you've worked on so long (2 years, 2 months and 3 weeks to be exact) reaches a milestone.

I still have quite a few milestones to reach before you can click it or brick it to purchase the book, but it really feels like the 200 ton gorilla is off my back.

I know that self-pubbing has gained quite a name for itself among African American writers. This time last year, I was looking into the option. But after looking long and hard at the option, it didn't feel like the best option for YA fiction. I had it all planned - I'd sell via my website which I'd market like crazy.

Just one catch. What 11 year-old has a credit card? I know my daughter doesn't. Nor am I about to start buying her books via the Internet when we can roll over to Barnes & Noble.

Another great venue for self-pubbed authors are fairs a la, For Sisters Only, held annually in D.C. or Afram, held in Baltimore. But again, the average tween is not going to these events searching for a good book to hug up with. Matter-of-fact, I think a lot of people go to see the musical acts.

So scoring an agent felt like my only real chance to become the black Judy Blume...or the YA version of Terry McMillan. Yeah, yeah, I know - two very different authors. But I'm making a point here...which is...Hip lit is coming at ya!

Move over Meg :::bowing in reverence to the Queen of the Princess Diaries::: you're about to get some company, girlfriend.

Milk (and) Cookies,



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