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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Modest Victory

Who knew modesty would win over booty shorts and teeny bikinis?

I was rolling on the floor cracking up after Making Da' Band 3 tonight. Diddy put the girls against each other after dividing them into two groups. They opened for the Backstreet Boys at a concert from this summer - in my neck of the woods. Well sort of...Nissan Pavillion, in Northern Va., where my peeps live.

Group 1 - S.H.E. (She Has Everything) thought they were the shit. In their matching white booty shorts and gold string bikini tops they killed it in rehearsal. Killed it! So when they strutted on stage they just knew they had won this challenge hands down and that the audience would eat em' up.

What they forgot was they were opening for a BSB concert. Hello, venue of more than 10,000 rabid boy band groupies waiting to see their fave group that hasn't dropped a CD in a hot minute. You know damn well those people at the concert were not interested in watching five girls with their asses hanging out.

They got straight booed. And later, Doc, their voice coach had the nerve to say it was because they messed up the opening note and never got back on track.

Hello, Doc? They got booed because they were sexing it up to a stadium of girls and women. Had it been a house full of men they could have sounded like warmed over shit and the men would have clapped like it was a Grammy performance.

Group 2 - Jane 6 - came out there and played it smart. Not only were they stylishly casual in gauchos and capris. But they did the most important thing - they catered to the audience.

Novel idea!

The first thing they did was say, "Where my ladies at?" And that broke the ice. It was no doubt they were going to win - off-key or not.

And let's speak the truth, neither group has vocal prowess.

Diddy keeps talking about making this internationally famous girls group (think Spice Girls). Ummm...okay. But no matter who makes the band, they won't be known for singing well. Then again, neither were the Spice Girls.

But these girls, at least together in a group, are mediocre pop singers at best. And is that really saying much?

No matter. Diddy getting much publicity from his latest MTV venture. So the group will be good for at least one CD...still not sure who will buy it, though. I guess a bunch of teen girl wannabe pop singers. But, hey everyone has an audience. I ain't hatin'.

Much love to Jane 6 for not playing the sex card. Now there's something for an 11 year old fan to model.

I'm not holding my breath though. When the band is formed, theres no doubt they'll end up wearing barely nothing on stage...whether they like it or not.

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