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Monday, March 13, 2006

PoP Corn

Do you know the name of Queen Latifah's successful sitcom and the name of the mag she ran, on the show, which also is the name of one of her actual company's?

I do.

Do you know which FRIENDS star had a very short-lived sitcom spun-off from Married With Children?

I do.

Do you remember the first video MTV played when it launched in 1981? And what flavor of music they played, almost exclusively until August 1988?

I do, because pop culture is my obsessh!

One day I will figure out how to use my bottomless pit of pop culti knowledge outside of being my family's reigning champion of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture.

Until then, I'm forced to blather my views on the endless availability of factoid fodder and inane popular music, film and television trends - what I like to call PoP Corn - into the blogosphere.

The biggest kernal, last night's Flavor of Lovefinale. OMG!

First, let me say I resisted the temptation to watch the show until maybe three episodes ago. But the drama sucked me in.

Side note: Flav and I had an ep back in 1991, when Public Enemy came down to my alma mater to perform. was NOT a flavor of love encounter!!!

Flav cool and all,!

After the concert, Flav, Chuck D, me, my girl Nise and a few others hung out and had breakfast at the Waffle House.

The way he comes across on television is pretty much him - hyper energy, kooky but by no means un-intelligent.

So, what the heck? I figured I'd throw him some support and watch the show.

Not sorry I missed the first 12 episodes. The last few were all I needed to know that someone is going to hell for the whole reality TV spiral into TMI-TMTA and the loss of any dignity, dating show participants thought they had.

I'm telling you - you've got to catch a re-run or two of this show. Come, to watch Pumpkin spit in New York's face, almost into her mouth - I shit you not. But stay to watch the term Lucky SOB enacted.

The love Flav gets from these women is something to behold.

What won't people do in front of the cameras? Really, what?

Hoopz, the final "winner" of the show kept saying she really felt Flav. She was also depicted as a really competitive person.

Doesn't take Dionne's Psychic Friends Network to see this was more about her desire to win than a desire to be Flavor Flav's long-time love.

Sorry, Hoopz, you didn't come off terribly sincere to me.

Still, I was glad she won. New York had me hating her within seconds of watching.

I can only imagine how it felt to be a contestant alongside her.

Hey, is that wrong? To "hate" a reality tv participant?

Back in the day, it was okay to despise television villans. 'Cause ya know, they were actors!

But now that they're real feels kind of icky saying I hate this chick. I only know of her what the producers cut and pasted together to make for a sensationalized Dating Game.

Yet, this B was off the hook everytime the camera shone her way. I mean the theatrics, the mad eye-rolling, hair flipping, name calling, whiney-voiced theatrics!

By going on these shows and baring themselves...heaving themselves into the pop culture spotlight, aren't we allowed to have an opinion about the persona they reflect?


Yeah, I've convinced myself. It's cool to hate her.

And the producers are loving my hate. Because, I will be there next week to watch the reunion show! Heh, heh!


Blogger writeaway said...

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1:06 PM

Blogger writeaway said...

Hi Paula,

I was just reading your blog and love it. Since being from an age of only-use-the-computer-to-retrieve-e-mail and now IM-to-talk-to-my-girlfriends, I don't get all into blogging like that. I've been checking some out and enjoy those by authors, agents and anyone else in the publishing arena.

I checked out your Flavor of Love spoiler and wanted to thank you. Last night for the first time in months, I actually ventured out--hair, make-up and all--and missed the finale. Hoopz is my girl but I just knew Flav was gonna pick New York if only to get another show out of it. I'll have to check out the re-runs all this week. (It's probably on now.)

As for the first MTV video, I loved me some Video Killed the Radio Star :))

Keep bloggin.

Laurel Handfield

1:08 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

You go, Miss Laurel!!! Down with the pop corn trivia. LOL

You know they'll show the episode a few dozen times a day between now and the reunion show.

Now that you don't want to miss. According to the trailers, New York tries to get some dignity back by going after Pumpkin.

Yeah, like she'll ever get a shred of that back now!

1:12 PM

Blogger Varian Johnson said...

I am loving your blog.

And I know all the answers to the questions as well. We need to get together for Pop Culture Jeopardy.


12:47 AM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

You Are On!!! LOL

See, they need authors and writers on Vh1's the Best Week Ever. Who knows more mindless stuff than us?!

7:55 AM

Blogger writeaway said...

It's so funny that you say that because whenever we watch those VH1 shows like Best Week Ever, I tell my husband that I could do that since I have a comment for everything.

Anytime you guys want a little friendly competition for pop trivia, I'm there. I gotta warn ya, I am also big in the old school rap arena.

7:33 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Uh-oh, old school rap. I think I can handle you there. My head is full of unuseful information. LOL!!

I swear, I've been half tempted to contact whoever casts for BWE because serioulsy I could do that!

8:05 PM

Anonymous Eileen said...

Video killed the Radio Star really transcends culture and although I've never met you- my respect for you has grown based simply on the fact you know this trivia. Thanks for posting on my site.

12:10 AM


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