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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let it be known!

Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is suing Jay-Z for the use of the "diamond cutter," a hand symbol that Jay-Z used as a symbol of his label Roc-A-Fella.

Let's all say it together...Frivilous lawsuit!

First of all, Page is trying to sue for any monetary gains Jigga gained from the sign, basically holding your hands in the air thumbs together, fingers steepled to represent a diamond.

Ookay. How did Jay-Z make money from the sign? I'm confused.

But here's what needs to be known. The sign is actually a sign that has been used by historically black sorority, Delta Sigma Theta for YEARS. And by years, I mean before Diamond Dallas or the Roc ever thought about using it. I believe Page said he started using it in the mid-90's.

Ummm okay, DST was formed in 1913. Not that they were doing the sign back in the year '13 but trust, they were using it well before the mid 90's.

Hello, Diamond Dallas, you didn't make up the hand gesture. I'm not saying you stole it from the Deltas, but if anyone wanted to sue it would be them suing you. And since they are a service organization, the duckets made from suing you would go to pretty worthy causes - tutoring programs, shelters etc...

I hate when people get things twisted. People, it's a hand signal. Let's put that in perspective shall we. How do you copyright a hand signal?!?!

But if we're actually going to take it to the courts let's at least research if anyone else in the world may have actually thrown the signal before you did.

Lest anyone think I'm a Delta. Don't get that twisted either. Alpha Kappa Alpha, baby. And just so anyone wants to know - our hand symbol is pinky in the air. Just in case there's a wrestler or a label out there looking...that one's taken.

Pink (and) Green,



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