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Saturday, February 04, 2006

P's Perspective: Editor, Ginee Seo

Ginee Seo of Atheneum certainly gave me hope that the entire publishing world has not gone commercial. Her list has some really good literary books out there. The imprint is only 6 months old.

Atheneum is author-driven and award-driven. Their books are more cutting edge and their PBs quirkier than average.

TOTALLY JOE by James Howe
SIGN OF THE RAVEN by Julie Hearn
INEXCUSABLE by Chris Lynch
JUST IN CASE (forgot author) - This was the only PB she had on display

Interesting tid bit:
Ginee helped launch SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS while at HarperCollins

What she's looking for...character and voice moreso than plot. The second editor of the day that said "plot can be fixed, voice cannot."

Ginee likes the book that's "hard for you to write." As an example, INEXCUSABLE is about date-rape from the date-rapists POV.

She dislikes query letters but they are still required. So be short and to the point in your query. Show her the flavor of your writing and she likes to know that you have some knowledge about what Atheneum publishes. Include any info on relevant awards you may have received or if you're friends with an author who has high praise for the book.

Warning of the day: Leave out any marketing talk in your query. It's all about the story!

2-3 month turn around on submissions

2nd editor of the day who said "Feel encouraged should an editor give you a personalized rejection with feedback (minimal or not)."

From Atheneum's perspective following trends is a no-no.

Favorite quote: "Write the book that you want to write" and worry about who likes it and categorization later.

For Illos:
- Send letter with your professional background
- Sample Illo (color xerox copy)

Warned that a writer with Illo partner can be a tough sell because the publisher likes to choose their own Illos.


Blogger Pamela said...

Paula-- how sweet of you to blog from the conference. Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

JUST IN CASE is written by JUDITH VIORST. Saw it tonight in a bookstore.

-Pamela(The Other P on Verla's board) ;}

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