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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Crying Game

Every Sunday night I play, "try not to cry during COLD CASE." Have you ever tried this? Great game. Oodles of fun.

You sit through an episode of the CBS procedural and tell yourself that it's a TV show for God's sake. They're acting! Geez, get a grip.

Half way into the show, you think you're winning. Because the tear ducts are dry and you're merely intrigued by the latest mystery. Like, how did that woman end up dead in a canoe in the middle of the lake?

But by 8:47 the tightness in your chest begins and that achiness in your throat tells you - you're gonna lose again. Sometimes a heavy sigh helps to gulp down the water works. But by 8:53, forget about it. As the COLD CASE detectives put another case to bed and they show the spirit of the dearly departed smiling because they've finally been put to rest - a tear will roll.

Or is that just me?

Okay, you cold hearted bastards, maybe it's just me.

But COLD CASE is one of the most touching crime procedurals I've ever watched. And I'm a die hard LAW & ORDER chick from way back! So I know of crime shows.

Maybe it's because I used to watch COLD CASE FILES on A&E - the real-life version of the CBS drama minus the sappy music, flashbacks to the past and dead spirit smiling peacefully. Watching A&E's version brings to reality how many crimes go unsolved and just how long it can take some to get a resolution.

So, pardon me if a 60 minute sentiment fest moves my heart a little. But it's a great show and long since replaced DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES for my Sunday must-see (even though DH is on an hour later).

The first time COLD CASE moved me to tears, I thought it was because the show was about a little five year-old getting killed. But un-ah. Every week since I first started watching, I've found myself sniffling and wiping my eyes like I'm watching STEEL MAGNOLIAS.

Don't tell me you didn't cry during STEEL MAGNOLIAS! When Sally Fields has her rant at the cemetary over Julia Roberts death. Umph...moving stuff.

I've become somewhat of a weepy Wanday over the years. Had something to do with hitting my 30's, I think. That whole mortality thing really comes into focus once the roaring 20's are over.

I don't care. I look forward to having a good cleansing cry on Sunday. The day I can steel myself against the tear flow during COLD CASE, I know it's time to find a new line up.


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