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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Big Pro Fan

Okay, I don't mean I'm a fan of prostitutes. I'm a huge Project Runway geek.

Just when you think you're sick to death of crap reality TV, something comes along and reels you back in.

And since I write YA fiction, a lot of TV (crap included) is great fodder for research. I've watched my fair share of Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven and Drake and Josh - all in the name of pop culti research.

Project Runway always gives me great fashion ideas to incorporate in my writing. Cause let me tell you - having to make up hot fashion when you're not a designer...not so easy. I've seen several really cute designs on the show that will likely make the pages of future P.C. Hyman novels as I outfit my characters in duds appropriate for the teen divas that they are.

But research aside, I like the show. It's cool to watch the talented (Santino) and the WTF (Guadalupe's design tonight)go head-to-head. How they do it with only 24 hours and a few swatches of fabric, I just don't know.

Okay and here's just how geeky I am. I visit the web site and check out all of the behind the scenes drama AND I purchased the My Scene Barbie that was outfitted by Nick. But his dress was so cute! I couldn't resist.

It'll be one of those collector item things where it doesn't come out of the box.

Yeah, right. I have a 19-month old...let's see how long that lasts!

To bed, to bed. With the new year I've promised to get back to working out ::Sigh:::

If I don't get to bed before midnight it's damn near impossible to drag my butt out of bed in time for any decent work out. So, ta.

- frustrated fashion geek w/o a lick of design skill!


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