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Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm an Anti-listite, But...

I enjoy reading lists. Like Top 10 movies of all times or 20 best horror novels, whatever. I'll read them all day.

But when someone says "What's your favorite..." fill-in-the-blank, I draw a blank! Dammit, don't people realize that some people's tastes are so wide and long reaching that choosing a favorite is like a parent choosing which child they love best?

The answer is - you love them both the same.

I feel that way about movies, songs, books, TV shows. Some might call me fickle because I'll use the word "love" to describe this show or that. I'll gush over one song and turn right around and claim another as my favorite.

P, you might say, you can't LOVE everything.

Yes, I can. And if you don't let me I'm taking my ball and going home.

So, being an anti-listite, i.e. someone who refuses to make lists of her favorites unless forced to, mine is an unlikely site to find a listing, comprehensive or otherwise, of anything.

But I'm compelled to post this List, because I think the success of a writer's journey is moderately (or immensely, depending on your own resources) dependent upon the experience of others.

I have a great agent (hi Jen). And I'm not afraid to share her name, (Jen Carlson of Dunow, Carlson & Lerner). Though I found out on some other list that she's not taking any new clients, right now.

But there are many writers out there struggling to get their foot in the door of a good agent. Sometimes, anxious to launch their career, they make foolhardy decisions. They don't heed the warnings of those saying never pay an agent up front, always research an agent's recent sales to test compatiability and credibility and a host of other Don'ts.

So, if one person avoids a scam because of a simple list...well, I might just change my outlook on the whole affair.

I'll start simple though.

P's list of her fave ice cream

3. Cookie Dough
2. Vanilla (so sue me, I'm a simple chick)
1. Mint chocolate chip

And I don't need a list for this one, the best writing advice I ever heard:

Don't pay to get published, get paid being published!!

Avoid the scammers!


Anonymous The Hive Mind said...

I read about scammer agencies during my research when I first started submitting proposals. I became aware of the fees that ends up coming out of the writer's pocket, so I won't be suckered into that trap. However, it's good to have these links of questionable agencies once I get back on the track of submitting to agencies again.

Sometimes, anxious to launch their career, they make foolhardy decisions.

I think that's what happened to "writer" Kaavya Viswanathan is a good example. I was outraged when the whole Opal Metha scandal broke, dedicating posts and rants about the issue. I also learned that some special "book packager" handled Kaavya's novel before submitting it to an agency or publisher. Part of me wonders if the whole plagiarism scandal was entirely her fault, but I must admit it's a very small part of me. I always heard that I should be suspicious of these special book packaging companies because they're not on the up and up. Still, the lesson I learned from the Opal Metha scandal is that all writers are not on the up and up. I've never had any writers plagiarise from me (that I know of), but I have had other technical writers steal formats and styles I created for a special project. That didn't feel too good, and I didn't take it kindly.

7:36 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

The book packager KV worked with is a well established packager and one that Little Brown (KV's publisher) and other reputable publishing houses have worked with on other popular series.

While I think there are a lot of fishy issues about that whole mess, among them Little Brown and 17th Street (the packager) throwing so much money behind a debut author in her teens, ultimately KV has said she was the one responsible. She has real moxie to stand behind her writing, plagirized portions and all.

If nothing else, it was a hard lesson learned for her. If writing is where her heart is, we'll see her again even if she ends up writing under a pseud.

9:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Miss P,

It's Laurel. For my fave list, I just pick the one's I'm feelin' at the time the ? was asked. Of course that list'll change next month-lol.

You must've been hearing a lot about Barbara Bauer, too. Ohmigosh, talk about pathetic. I am just glad there are sites out there that cater to catching scammers like that. I was a newbie myself (still am-lol)and I remember some of the things I came across. (See Melanie Mills) Scammers are everywhere. If someone can scam an older person out of their retirement without so much as a second thought, then they can scam a would be writer. Sad, sad, sad.

Anyway, quit stalling and get back to work:)

Have a good Memorial Day, everyone!

8:54 PM


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