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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whoa Nelly!

I've fallen off the blogging horse and I can't get back up!

Blame it on deadlines...

I had two of them early November. One I missed and had to extend right through the Turkey Day holiday.

But ummm...both have been met and out of my way for the last week.

So, blame it on too much sweet potato pie...

I made five sweet potato pies over the holiday. I could give a damn about turkey for Thanksgiving. But there better be pie! For the record, I did not indulge in all five. I gave three away.

I'm down to my last piece. So maybe it's...

The hazards of pre-publication promotions.

Believe it or not, I'm not as consumed with promotions as I was before meeting the Kensington Team over the holiday.

Meeting them put my mind at ease (mostly) and I've tried to look at my ability to promote while still holding a full-time job and a family, realistically.

So, promos been on my mind (it's never far from it) but that's not the reason either.

The truth is, blogging is like exercise. If you do it regularly it comes naturally. You feel great. The endorphins kick in and you're like friggin' super girl.

But if you take time's like two lovers in a spat. You sit on your side of the office glaring at the PC like it owes you money. And it stares back stubbornly like a lover scorned.

So yes, the real blame is just me. I'm lazy. Plus, my brain refuses to churn out witty banter about the trials and tribs of writing.

But I'm working my way back.

As a matter of fact, tomorrow I will regale you with my pontifications on hiring a publicist.

Pretty ballsy eh?

I take time off and have the nerve to attempt a hardcore comeback.

I shall conquer my blogger slackerdom come hell or high water!


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