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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Countdown to...ARC Who Goes There? Contest

In ten days, Teens Read Too will launch a contest for So Not The Drama.

Ten lucky readers will get an advanced copy before DRAMA officially hits shevles at the end of February.

What's cool about TRT is how easy it is to enter the contest. Just:

Send your name, mailing address, and
email address to

That's it. Which is why they're doing it instead of me.

You know me. I would have made up a few rules like...tell me your ten favorite high school diva's - in honor of So Not The Drama's Teen Queen character, Jessica.

Or, maybe I would have said list your fave teen "princesses," in honor of my MC, Mina.

I don't know. But it's safe to say it would have probably involved the number ten, a little bit of leg work and some convoluted doings on the contestants part.

But Jen over at TRT is all - dude, just send me your name and I'll pick one at random.

::waving to Jen::

Well, since I'm not allowed to do any of that I'm forced to countdown. Because daggone it, somewhere along the way someone's going to share 10 somethings. So, it may as well be me.

As we wait...

Ten TV Shows Worth Mentioning

The Hills - The internships are more glam than I remember internships being, the girls drive high-end cars and everybody's too fuggin' skinny. BUT when the West Coast Editor of TeenVogue said, "So, Lauren you decided NOT to go to Paris to be with your boyfriend. How did that work out for you?" in this smart ass tone, it shot the show from my "might watch list" to Tune in next week, list.

The Apprentice - I like the new changes: The PM stays in place unless the team loses. Losing team sleeps outside. PM sits in on board room. Subtle but just enough to drive the contestants over the edge earlier. Not really loving the move to LA though.

Split Ends - I caught this Friday night, on Oxygen I think. A stylist from a high end salon switches places with a "Local" hair stylists. Yeah, I know. I hear that loud ringing of the reality TV death knoll too. But ya know, it wasn't that bad.

Man vs. Wild - One day he bit into a dead zebra carcass. Once he peed all over this rag and tied it on his head to keep cool in the heat. Another time he stripped down butter buck bald naked and jumped into a frozen lake to teach "us" how to survive the ordeal. What? You aren't watching yet?!

Dancelife - Confession, I have a frustrated dancer pent up inside of me. At a party I'm doing the "same ol' two step" as Fifty said in his song. That's all you need to get your party on. But I've always admired dancers - from ballerinas to today's hip hop groovers and their impossible contortions. So it was a no brainer that I'd watch this.

Medium - I hate that they've moved this show to Wednesday. Not only do I keep forgetting it's on, but my Wednesdays were already spoken for. Yet, when I remember to tune in, I'm reminded what a good sci-fi/procedural type show is about. Makes me miss X-Files before it jumped the shark all those years ago.

30 Rock - Four words: Hi-lar-i-ous! I swear, Alec Baldwin became laugh outloud funny overnight. Tracey Morgan is just insane. Tina Fey plays a good straight woman. And besides, any show that gives writers some love, I love. Which brings me to...

Studio 60 - Admitedly, I haven't tuned in regularly. But I (mostly) enjoy it when I watch. I'm on the fence about making it one of my must-sees.

Lost - First two seasons, I had a strategy. Watch the first two episodes and the last two. It worked for me. I loved it. So what happens? I go against my strategy for the third season and decide to watch all six episodes or whatever ridiculous number they bothered to show this Fall. Bad idea! The eps sucked. Likely I'll only watch the last two eps when it returns next month.

Cold Case/Without A Trace/CSI/Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Okay, okay I'm cheating by lumping them all into one. But let's face it, they're all crime procedurals. Cold Case and Without A Trace have such similiar casting that I often confuse them. Despite having a formulaic style that makes it easy to drop in and out when I want, these are among my favorite shows to watch. If I had to choose one, it would be Law & Order: CI. It's the closest of the L&O's to the original when the original was in fighting form.


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