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Monday, December 11, 2006

It's like having a party...

I've come to look at releasing a book like having a party and wondering if anyone will show up.

When you throw a party you've put a lot of time and energy (usually money as well) into it:

You've planned what food you'll have. Maybe even spent a good part of the day cooking.

You've picked out the hottest outfit - which may have even set you back a fin.

You've cleaned the house - usually no small task, since how often do you actually dust and mop on the same day?!

And you've angsted over the music - something that's a little less painful thanks to the miracle of the iPod. Though, truthfully, just 'cause you love your playlists doesn't mean anyone else will. But oh well...

After all that, you stand by the door, smile plastered on your face thinking - Okay, you can begin arriving now...okay!

As you wait, all the little things you thought mattered (getting picky about who was "in" enough to get an invite; only wanting blue M&M's served) go out the window. You just want someone, anyone to show up!

It's not until that first person shows up, then others begin to trickle in that you actually breathe. By the time ten or more people arrive you're no longer worried who else is coming. I mean ten is by no means a huge number. But it only takes a few people to equal a party. And if it's the right people - the ones who love to talk and dance into the night, then your party is a success.

If only 10 people show (and maybe you've invited 20 or 25) and every one of them has a good time, you can't wait to rub it in the face of the other ten who didn't.

You even know what you're going to say if they have the nerve to ask how it went.

"Oh my God, the party was hot. You so missed it."

Well, as I wait for March 6 to roll around I keep wondering who will show up for my party. Will the cool kids come? And by that, I mean any reader who picks up So Not The Drama and loves it.

I've done all the "party" planning that I possibly can and the guest list - readers across the nation - is off the hook.

The entire month of March will feel like those first few moments when the clock has struck "Party Time" waiting for my first guest to validate that my party was hot enough for them to roll through.

Gah! An entire month like that!


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