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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

That's gonna leave a bruise, later

To say I'm a pop culture fanatic is like saying Donald Trump sort of likes money. I live for talk of music, movies, television, fashion, sports...whatever. If it's related to popular culture, I have an opinion.

The latest batch of America's Next Top Model candidates? None of them strike me as worthy.

Diddy's new CD? Let's just say it won't be parting me and my $11.99 anytime soon.

Project Runway? I'm obsessed and 100% bummed that Jeffrey won. :-(

See, what I mean. You can't shet me up!

Well, it occurred to me that my very vocal musings of pop culti things on my blog may soon come back to haunt me the second my book is released. I'll go from Pop Culture Observer to Pop Culture Observee. that a word?

And I don't mean - Oh I'm so great, everyone will be talking about me.

I mean, Oh My God, people will have an opinion about my book and won't be shy (I never am) about voicing it.

I don't take criticism very well. Constructive, shmstructive. I hate being hated. Everything I do I want to be praised.

Praised, I say.

The prospect of having my fiction put under a microscope and open to an Amazon review/rating, gives me night sweats. Yet, admittedly, I haven't changed my opinionated ways.

I still wax on about what I like or don't like. It's our basic right as pop culture fans, right? To love or hate someone that's put themselves out there for our viewing/reading pleasure.

I giggled my butt off when Candice got voted off Survivor. And no, it's not right to be gleeful in someone else's misfortune. But man, she so deserved it!

Okay look, but when DRAMA comes out, be gentle with me is all I'm saying.

I mean, I can riff on Diddy. He's a fafillionaire. Me not buying his CD, hurt nothing.

I'll make a deal. When I become a fafillionaire...THEN you can go all rough and tumble with your criticism.



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