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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Flavor of Fame

So I had forgotten all about the Flavor of Love reunion show. Flipping through the channels on Sunday, I ran up on it around 11:00 p.m., decided to tune in even though I wasn't hardly as hyped about it as I had been directly after the show.

Short version - It was boring.

Look, I know that networks will beat a show into the ground. If it's a new show that can't get ratings out the box it's hist. If it's a popular show they'll pound that puppy until one person is watching.

So I get it. It's about the cheese, the dough, the scrilla, the scratch.

But, Vh1...come on!

Flav "reveals" that he and Hoopz aren't together because she doesn't have enough time for him.

Uh...okay, that's his story and he sticking to it.

It couldn't possibly be that Hoopz was about winning and had no intention of being your ride or die chick.

But hey, we'll stick with his version.

So LaLa, who moderated the show, asks if he's going to do another season.

We all know he is. But his answer was something to the affect that he did the show with one purpose and that was to find a chick to kick it with. Since that didn't happen...umm..ahhh.."yeah, I'm gonna have to do it again," he says.

No, you have to do it again because Vh1 paying you and laced you with a phat crib. You have to do it again because this is now your career.

Mad respect. Do you, playuh.

But don't make it like it's about the love.

There were 20 girls sitting on the stage that he reached varying degrees of intimacy with. Uh, why not just choose one of them?

Shoot, New York made a blip-blazing fool of herself crying and whatnot to her mama about how much she loved him. Ay, Flav, pick her!

I don't care what he does. But he been ripping some of these girls a new hole for not being honest with him.

Be honest with us.

You want us to watch another season? At least lure us in with some of the sincerity I saw on shine during the few eps I caught. You like being the center of attention, you're good at it and you get some tail while you're at it.

That's why people watched, right?

For real, squash that whole wholesome, doing it for the love thing.

Most reality TV "stars" are at least honest enough to be like, "Yeah, Gee, it was mad fun, I'm gon' do it again."

I can live with that answer.

And shoot, knowing he doing it just cause...well, what else does he have to do? Lay down tracks to an album? At least I know I'm tuning in because he ready to gear up for another season of hooking up with wild-ass, wacky, don't mind acting a fool in front of national TV, women with too much time on their hands and stars in their eyes.

That, I can respect.

But for the love?! Pssh, please. tripping!


Blogger Varian Johnson said...

No fights? No spitting? Nobody got their weave pulled out? I was sure there was gonna be some fireworks in the Reunion Show. I guess I'm glad I missed it.

Also, I must admit, Mrs. V and I were hoping that New York was gonna put the smackdown on Pumpkin. I know fighting is wrong, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna let somebody spit on me without them dealing with the repercussions of their actions.

8:52 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Oh no, there were "attempted" fights, plenty of name calling and bad attitude.

But it was still like...maybe it's just me - but it felt like they did it primarily to make sure everyone knew there was going to be a season 2.

Of course New York came out and tried to whup up on Pumkin but they made sure she never got to land a blow.


Oh...not that I'm saying I wanted to see 'em get physical. Heh heh

9:09 PM

Blogger writeaway said...

I gotta say, I finally caught the re-run of Flav yesterday afternoon. Snooze fest big time. If I see the instant replay of "the spit" one more time, I'm gonna hurl. (Don't get me started on the slo mo instant replay.) Will I tune in next season? Probably only because VH1 now knows what works and will kick it up a notch or two. I'll tell you what is definitely off my watch list--The Surreal Life. I did, however, LOVE the first episode when Corey Clark, along with some other losers, begged to get into the house. Where is your career when you can't even get picked to room with a bunch of has-beens? I should feel bad for taking joy in that...but I don't. (hehe)


9:45 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Girl, I saw that episode of Surreal Life, too (haven't caught any others of the new one). Corey is a hot mess! Like you said, #1 sign your career is in the crapper:

A bunch of Z-list celebs say you're not good enough to share camera time with them.


7:17 AM


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