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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Drunk on the tunes

You know how some people drink too much and then get all sappy?

They start professing their love for you, need to slam their arm around your neck (drunks never know their own strength)and get all close in your face with the stankin' liquor breath. "Gir...I lugh you."

Well that's how I get when I get full from listening to good music.

For as long as I can remember I've surrounded myself in music. Let any song I really like come on and I'll attach it to something in my life. Thus the sappiness.

Thanks to my iPod I can stay high as a kite on my favorite music. I can go weeks without listening or downloading new songs. But when I'm on an iPod streak I get almost deliriously full of emotion because each song holds some memory with it.

Combine that with hanging out on Myspace with my fellow authors, potential readers, and fam (both of the blood variety and cheer)and I'm afraid to drive home because I'm so drunk with emotion, I might get a DWE. Ha, ha!

But I'm sitting on Myspace talking to my daughter, my neice and one of my cheerleaders and I feel so grateful that I've chosen Young Adult fiction. I really love interacting with young people. They're so innocent, hopeful and full of expectation that life will not let them down.

How can you not have fun writing for them?

My neice wants to get into modeling. I've been quietly championing her through. Not because I think she'll be America's Next Top Model, but because I love that she's found something to be passionate.

Despite driving them to give 100% and leave it on the floor - hurry up, put a bandage on that gash and get back in formation - and mother-henning them when they forget practice is for...uh, practicing my cheerleaders always send me "luv u like a mama" comments.

And my daughter and I- chip off the old block, that one - shared one of those cute, mother-daughter things that only a mom with a girl-child can experience. There are just some things my poor husband will never get to experience because we had girls. I feel bad about it but love every girlie moment I spend with my Princesses.

I lugh those girs.

So here I am, inappropriately intoxicated at work forcing back any joy tears for fear my colleagues will think I've lost my ever-loving mind!

The power of music to evoke emotion is scary.

I'm telling you, world peace is just one closed meeting between world leaders where we pipe in some God-awful "We Are The World" song until they agree to get along - away.


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