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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Validate Me, CCBC

Since I began writing novels three years ago I've been on and off my soap box about why I write what I do.

Well, see my post on "you know you're a writer if..." to know exactly why I write. But I meant, what spurred me into writing novels for Young Adults versus any other market.

Well, thanks to this article by the Cooperative Children's Book Center, I can step away from the lectern and let someone else (more studious than I) take the mic and talk about not only the trends in children's literature, but what publishers must continue to do to keep the kiddie lit movement healthy.

The article, Publishing in 2005 - covers everything related to children's lit from multi-culti and sci-fi to GLBTQ and PB's.


Link courtesy of CCBC, School of Education University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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