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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cheer Craze

Between cheerleading and this nasty flu bug, I've been in a haze. But, I've found my way back to the blog!

After years of being a very healthy person I've had the flu TWICE this winter. Once in January and then a few weeks ago. Not a good feeling.

While I wasn't very productive in the writing department, even in my flu-induced state of zombieness I had to prep my cheer squad for Nationals. We put in the work -okay, they put in the work and I put in the necessary coach bossiness. We arrived at Nationals ready to rip our routine and did! Still, we came in fourth.

My girls worked hard. But the competition at Nationals is stiff. And it's not over. We have another National competition in April. I'm a little burned out, but my competitive drive kicks in the closer we get to the event. By the end of March, my need to win will burn off the burn out.

In the meanwhile, I've got to get my attention back to the book. Ah, yes, the book!

Recently, I've had some interest in the book that could change how it's published. Until one of those avenues pan out, I'm in flux.

So, until something exciting happens I better get my head back into the book...I mean my fingers back to typing.

Cheers (and) Chants,