Getting published is a real be-yatch! Hear about my ups, downs and a few random rants in between.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

So Close

As we speak, my agent, Jen Carlson, is preparing my manuscript to shop to the big publishing houses. I feel like I'm swimming towards the surface. I'm not quite there yet. But at any moment I'll burst to the top, lungs burning from being under so long, with a book deal in hand. Make that multi-book deal.

I'm feeling really New York chic, after talking with Jen. Hearing phrases like, "major houses," and "competitive bidding" can do that for you.

In fact, I'm still very much at the starting line of a very long process. And apparently, even with the growing interest in Young Adult fiction, it's still the adult and non-fiction books that get those insane six figure deals.

But I'm already two years in. So when I'm sitting on Oprah...okay, really, don't laugh. Girl has big dreams here! But when I'm sitting on Oprah, I can say, "Oprah, it took me five long years but it was all worth it."

Because you always have to say the struggle was worth it. Even though inside you're thinking, "I have no idea why it took these idiots five years to figure out I was the best thing since [insert the name of any famous author.]"

I have a back-up plan in case Oprah does not see the significance of my rise to fame. I was watching The Tyra Banks show the other day. No comments, please! And while she's a little too folksy at times - I mean she barely let Pharrel answer the question she posed to him because she was making over how cute he was - but she's going for that real casual cool atmosphere that's better suited for my teeny-bopper targeted books.

Not to mention it's more likely that teens are watching Tyra and NOT least for as long as the Network Gods let her stay on the air.

But I diverge! Long road...just the beginning...bidding wars...oh yeah. While I wait on the feedback from publishers to come in, I find myself with a little time on my hand.

Yes, I should be self-editing manuscript #2. But, I'm a true writer. Nothing gets written without a deadline. That's just my way.

So while I wait breathlessly for news of someone so in love with my manuscript that they're willing to offer me the sun and moon for the rights...okay maybe just the sun...okay, I'll settle for a four-figure deal. But nothing less. I've gotta draw the line somewhere! While I wait for that four-figs contract to arrive, I shall use this time to...oh shoot, Tyra's on. Gotta go.

M (and) M's,