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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Wouldn't life be great if everything worked more like an iPod?


Before you think I've fallen and bumped my head or so bleary-eyed and confused from too many late nights revising my manuscripts that I'm talking out of my head, hear me out.

Last weekend, I finally went out and purchased an iPod after perpetually being on my way to get one since they came out. I've always wanted one because I love the control it gives you over music. No, I'm not a control freak. Much!

And yes, any digital player would do the same thing. It doesn't have to be an iPod to experience the bliss of music your way.

But I'm a total gadget head and a pop culture fiend. From the start Apple had me with the cute compact size and rainbow pastely colors of the iPod. So I'm a tad bit shallow and somewhat prone to liking certain trends. Moving on!

So I get this iPod finally, the Nano, and fall in love immediately!! Rather than beat myself up over not getting one several years ago when they came out, I applauded myself for waiting. Because the Nano is beyond cool!

Alright, I started purchasing songs from iTunes (crafty Apple, always making sure you keep it all in the family, those ones) and uploading songs from my CD collection last Friday night and haven't put the thing down since. This thing is connected to my ear day and night!

It's like heaven for my ear hole. And do you know why? Every song on there is my FAVORITE. Really my favorite because I'm not wasting megabytes on junk or things I "kind of" like. If I'm going to pay .99 cents or take the time to burn it, a song has to be iPodable!

Aahhhh, so now I don't sound so crazy. Do I?

My iPod has liberated me from the blasted playlists of radio and having to punch the skip button on my portable CD player. Where else, except an iPod, could Earth, Wind & Fire get equal spin time as Young Jeezy?

Life is good in music land and balanced thanks to my iPod.

So, if other parts of life were like entering songs into my iPod, man, it would be great!

Like, what if while I'm work I only choose things on my To Do list worth spending time on? And once I'm done, head the hell home! You know? Any new projects would have to be iPodable.

I guarantee you it would not take a full eight hours, the iPod way.

Or, what if I could only talk to people who didn't waste my time, piss me off or otherwise suck up precious energy I could be using listening to my iPod?

If I find a way to look at TV the iPod way, I think I may never leave my house!

Oh's called TiVo. Nevermind, the remote serves the same purpose.

People, join me on the other side. They have a hell of a band!

Rhythm (and) Blues and Hip Hop, Rock n' Roll and Soul


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Aagghhh!!! Okay, life keeps getting in the way of my great writing career.

Every week, I say - Paula, you're going to write every day. Then I say, Paula, you're going to write three days a week. Then I look up and an entire week has gone without me stroking a key!

Now, to my credit, I did write daily for three straight weeks. Then, that blasted Labor Day holiday came and coincidentally my birthday fell the same weekend AND my cheer squad had to prepare for Pep Rally, the football season's kick off. Do I have to bother to say, I got squat done last week?

So, by Sunday - after celebrating my birthday for 36 straight hours - I gave myself a serious talking too and took the BISHOK approach (butt in seat, hands on keyboard).

I only had 20 pages or so to revise. Sunday morning I made a dent in them and finished them on Monday. So while everyone else was labor daying, I was home toiling at the PC, longing to be out in the mild, crisp, quickly turning autumn day.

I'm happy to report that I'm finished the first set of revs and am just going through the mss looking for POV issues.

:::sigh::: But I'm sooooo tired of looking at this manuscript that I could scream.

I have two other book ideas bursting in my head that I'm dying to get to. But the tunnel leading to those ideas is so long. Outside of revising manuscript #1 I haven't touched manuscript #2 in months of Sundays.

Well, the important thing is to keep on truckin'. Right?

Ran across an interesting site and thought I'd start sharing the links. If you're really into the chick lit thing, check out Pink Prose.

Eyes heavy, must sleep!

Cheers (and) Chants,