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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Music Make Me Lose Control

I have always been a huge music maniac! When I was a kid and would get punished for something - this wasn't often mind you - my parents would immediately take away TV privileges. Now, since I loved watching television, they felt his was sufficient punishment for whatever minor indiscretion I might have committed. But my secret weapon was the radio. Instead of ogling the TV during my free time, I'd sit squirreled away in some corner of my room listening to music, writing or reading.

A song can kick start my memory and get me schooling my oldest Princess on some thing or another (yeah, she loves that!). And sometimes the right track will just clear my head and make me want to take a swan dive on to a bed of pillows to chill.

It really does make you lose control because you want to surrender to it - dance, cry, laugh or chill in the cut to reminisce.

When I started writing professionally, it was about music or at least the culture of music. I still love giving my thoughts on how today's music connects to yesterday's.

And I'm not the only one who music has a stronghold on. I watched the BET Awards last week - from presenters to performers it was clear that people will do about anything for the love of a good song.

Here's the awards through my eyes:

Most Niggafied Performance (Mike Jones)
His entourage outnumbered him by like a million. I swear, I wasn't sure which was even him because everybody had a mic up in their grille. And you would think since loddy, doddy and everybody had a microphone you'd understand them better.! I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Mike, having a thousand people on stage only works when each person ADDS to the performance. Next time just rhyme solo, son.

Most Uncool Coolest (Audience during Gladys Knight's performance)
Old school, nu school, whatever you had to enjoy the energy that Gladys Knight put into her performance. A classy entertainer, she belted out three of her classic tunes with the enthusiasm of a new but seasoned star. So, why when the camera panned the audience it kept catching people just maxing out, like someone of that caliber performs for them daily. Hello?! When 50 Cent can get up there and accept a Lifetime Achievement Award after 50 years in the biz and still spit "In Da Club" like it just came out on the charts - call me! Until then, everybody in the audience should be up grooving on general principle. Because the recipients of awards like that are why black music is still thriving in the first place.

Best Performance On Prozac(Mariah Carey)
First, let me say that The Emancipation of Mi-Mi is probably one of Mariah's best and most consistent CD's to date. She's made good music over the years, but I've never been one to purchase her stuff. This last one I'll cop cause the music is solid! But her performance was a confusing site to the eyes. I kept waiting for her to break out and really getting into it. But all she gave was this weird throw of her arm to emphasize words and she kept tipping like she was afraid she'd walk off the little runway set. At the end, she did this shy, cock of the head and bat of the eyes then threw her arms open like she was waiting for the audience to throw roses. Hmmm? I feel for Mariah. Since her "breakdown" she's been unable to hit those glass shattering high notes. The pitch was unearthly, but unnecessary to make good music. So she can have a career without it. But stage presence? Note to Mariah's people: Save her meds for AFTER the performance next time.

Best Lap Dance (Destiny's Child)

Determined to go out on top, literally, Destiny's Child had the tails wagging of every male in the audience and probably those viewing at home. As seductive as their slow grind was, it was innocent enough based on the guys they "randomly" chose from the audience.

Kelly chose Nelly, whom she's collabed with in the past. Clearly they're friends. It gave her a chance to be the flirtiest, going a little farther with her fondling and hugs. Yet, Nelly stayed cool as a cuc, his platinum choppers barely showing through his tiny grin.

Mrs. Hova (AKA Beyonce) chose Terrence Howard, a mature, married man who would keep his hands to himself. He looked scared the entire time. Not sure if he was worried about his wifey or trying not to get a woody. Can you imagine Fabolous or some other young cat keeping his hands to his sides with Beyonce's ass right in his face? Nah! Brother is gon take a squeeze, no disrespect Hov, but it was up in my face, son!

Michele chose Magic Johnson, whose wife was in the audience. Everybody knows Magic and Cookie. And Magic was the classic good sport - cheesing and beaming but being a good boy.

Best Surprise Move (The Fugees Reunion)

Just when I'm ready to write BET off for it's low-budget reality shows (College Hill) and MTV wannabe programming (106th & Park) they go and do something that makes me stay with 'em. Even though 106th & Park's Top vid picks are evidence that the viewing audience of that show skews young, the Awards kicked off with the reuinion of L-Boogie, Praz Well and Wyclef Jean. Yea-uh! Mind you, more than half of the 106th audience would be like...who are the Fugees, but the Awards audience knew who they were and went the hell off in that joint! On top of that, Lauryn Hill was rocking the mushroom. Oh my God! My daughter was like, "Eww, I'm not liking that style." It was a throwback, retro reunion blast for me, though.

???? Award (No Lauryn Hill performance)

Towards the end, they kept teasing out a Lauryn Hill performance. Now, I did go to the bathroom and then into my office for a few minutes. But did I miss something?! Lauryn never performed solo. But I know I heard them say she was. It was the only glitch in another wise organized, fun to watch, performance heavy show.